MARINA CONTROLLER is part of the Controller Series Software program, which has provided customized and specialized software solutions for over 30 years. Marina Controller will help with your success and along the way, will ensure you and your product is up-to-date with regular system enhancements and 24/7 support. Our goal is your complete trust and satisfaction.

35 years of supporting retail, marine service, powersport, fuel, campground, and marina operations

A Comprehensive

Full Featured Platform.

Marina Controller is a full-featured, customizable software package providing you with maximum control and information for your operations. Marina Controller is a multi-user program enabling YOUR MARINA to provide the highest level of service to your customers.

Automated Billing

Your Marina can save countless hours of work with One-Click invoicing for reoccurring moorage and at the same... Learn more →

Visual Management

With our interactive Visual Map, you can instantly view all aspects of your Marina, Campgrounds, and Boatyard... Learn more →


Marina Controller offers the most comprehensive reporting in the industry, and if you don’t see a report you need... Learn more →

Sublet Management

Subletting customer sites while they are away is a great way to maximize your revenue by keeping your mari... Learn more →

Accounts Receivable Management

Managing your customer’s invoices and payments is an integral part of operations. With Marina Controll... Learn more →

Point of Sale


A robust and easy to use Point of Sale is key to your business’ success and your customer’s experience... Learn more →

Custom Integrations & Enhancements

Your marina is unique and that’s why our software solution is a perfect fit for your business... Learn more →



The Swift Harbour and Marina Controller integration combines the best of Swift Harbour with the industry-leading... Learn more →

Power & Fuel Management

Marina Controller handles all your power, utility and fuel management by keeping accurate readings of... Learn more →

Service, Lift Scheduler & Inventory

Marina Controller handles it all! Manage your boatyard service, quotes and work-orders, lift and launch schedules... Learn more →

Training &


You are not alone, Marina Controller’s White Glove approach to making sure your implementation... Learn more →

Control &


Marina Controller provides control and protection of your confidential customer information by utilizing staff... Learn more →


Hear from our valued customers

  • Greater Victoria Harbour Authority
  • Prince Rupert Rowing & Yacht Club
  • Port Browning Marina
  • Nanaimo Port Authority
Greater Victoria Harbour Authority

The Greater Victoria Harbour Authority has worked with Mainframe Associates utilizing their Marina Controller software since 2014 to manage six marinas in Victoria’s busy working harbour.

Marina Controller helps us run a very dynamic operation with many moving parts. From managing space in a linear moorage setting to streamlining reservation requests and credit card integration, Marina Controller has helped us provide great customer service to a variety of customers from pleasure boaters to commercial and tourism operators.

The software layout, features and reports help us with day-to-day operations and back-end finance and administration processes. The engineers and support staff aim to be proactive and mitigate potential pinch points with creative solutions.


The customers service and round the clock support is invaluable to us here at GVHA. The staff at Marina Controller know their product and are always available. They have provided general and feature specific training sessions to help us become experts in applying the software to our operation. 

Over the past few years, they have also engaged with Swift Harbour reservations booking platform integrating the two programs to make managing reservation requests seamless. The process for requesting and booking reservations has been made very easy for us here at GVHA and our customers.

If you are looking to create a better experience for your staff and customers, integrating Marina Controller into your operation is a smart and valuable solution.

Prince Rupert Rowing & Yacht Club

The software has allowed our yacht club to transition from the dinosaur to the technological age. We were previously using a book that had to be filled out entirely by hand, which made reservation planning harder than it had to be sometimes.

Marina Controller has allowed us to efficiently and effectively book reservations for our transient guests and to easily track pay rates and sublets for our yacht club members.

Their computer software brings an ease of mind and perfect for marinas and yacht clubs alike.

The team is friendly, helpful, and assists when you have a problem.

Port Browning Marina

The customer service you offer is really unlike any other I have ever experienced, so well done and kind.

Nanaimo Port Authority

As the Marina Manager at the Port of Nanaimo, I was looking for a marina software program to better serve our customers.

We choose Marina Controller after using and looking at several other options.

Marina Controller has really improved our control and handling of our marina customer base.

The program and staff are excellent and are always available to answer questions.

I think that anyone looking at Marina software should take a very good look and consider using Marina Controller, I can recommend it without question.

Give us 10 minutes to prove to you why Marina Controller is the only system for your Marina